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1/64 16' Utility Trailer Tandem Axle
$12.00 to $20.00

New 1/64 16' tandem axle utility trailers cast metal, unpainted or painted in any of our stock colors.  We have cast metal wheels and tires included with kits!  Also Available without front and rear side steps!

MFTK 9200 16' Utility trailer unpainted with 4 metal wheels and tires    $12.00

MFTK 9202 Same as above only painted RED you install wheels             $15.00

MFTK 9208 Same as above only painted Aluminum you install wheels  $15.00  

MFTK 9209  Same as above only painted Black you install wheels          $15.00   

Special ordered with wheels and tires installed and other colors $20.00 each