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Shown here is a Fully Customized JD 9600 with Clear Cab Glass and Interior, our raisable feeder housing with lateral tilt, extended swivel ladder kit with all railings, lights, mirrors and flashers. 20' long unloading auger, bin fill auger and large Maurer style bin extension! Also has our pivoting steerable rear axle kit with shaker pan and straw chopper kit installed. Combine is completely repainted and  we will install your choice of combine model number decals And your choice of wheels and tires. This one has 30.5 X 32 RWA tires and 20.8 X 42's row crop duals in front!  $250.00 

We can also build  with just Raisable feeder housing and such using your combine or one of ours! Email or call with your specs!

12 row corn head and 30' grain table detailed $35.00  clips removed made to fit feeder housing kit lights and painted!

Custom 6 or 8 row corn head with flashers, adapter installed and painted $25.00 with stock clips $20.00.

Custom 30' Draper Table stock clips with our lateral tilt plate call

35' Draper Table With our lateral tilt plate installed call

40' Draper table

Custom 40' double reel Grain Table $55.00  or $45.00 if you supply 2 20' reels and 2 stock 30' grain table.