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Andre Phillips Custom R-62 Combine

This combine was custom-scratch built by Andre Phillips. As you can see lots of hours went into it! Scratch build cab interior and windshield, mirrors, unloading auger, bin extension, ladder and all railings. Raisable feeder housing with Quick tach Highly Detailed Floating Cutter Bar Header. pivoting steerable rear axle and spreader. Sorry none of these available with this amount of detailing.

We can customize an R-52 with raisable feeder housing, pivoting steerable rear axle, flared bin extension, spreader and CIH ladder railings and mirrors. You must provide combine, as we are out of them.  $195.00 with your choice of wheels and tires. And put 62 or 72 model #s on it.

12 row corn head and 30' grain table detailed $45.00

Custom Corn Heads 6, 8, 10 rows $25.00 , 16 row $40.00 with one of your 12row headers or $45.00 using 2 of ours.

Custom 40' double reel Grain Table $55.00  or $45.00 if you supply 2 20' reels and 2 stock grain table..