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New John Deere S 690 Combines
$40.00 and up

We can install our Longer unloading augers, Straight or folding, combine and header flashers, Our raisable feeder housing with lateral tilt and Pivoting steerable rear axle.  Watch for a few other parts and kits for them. Such as large 500 bushel extension and possibly a folding one! We can also install a Hillco Leveling kit on them and repaint complete combine and heads to get rid of the Plastic look! As half combine is plastic and center section is metal and you can see difference in colors! We also have many different Tires combinations or tracks for it.

Stock AUTHENIC'S Combine with 16 row corn head and 40' draper is $45.00 only a few left!

with set of our new row crop duals $65.00 With set of 76X50X32 floater-logger tires $55.00

With pivoting steerable rear axle kit and larger rear tires add $25.00 to above prices.

Longer Unloading Auger straight Add $10.00 Extended folding auger add $15.00

Combine and Header flashers installed and painted 3 sets $15.00 

Our Raisable Feeder Housing Kit installed  and adapters installed on headers and clips removed Add $65.00

One with all the above and your choice of wheels and tires $180.00  With combine and headers painted $225.00