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CIH MX 200 300 Series 1/64

FULLY CUSTOMIZED CIH MX FWA  With Steerable front axle, lights, mirrors, flashers, GPS, 3 pt. hitch with quick coupler, cab-  step railings, Standi 18.4X38 FWA duals and Firestone 710-70-38 axle duals. Outer rear wheels are removable. We have various sizes of wheels and tires available for them and different models of tractors. Just let us know what options you want! 

Price with above $95.00  

With single fwa wheels $85.00

With single wheels front & rear $80.00

With stock wheels and tires $70.00

Other options:  with movable 3 pt. hitch add $25.00

 Price without steering kit deduct $10.00 from price