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NEW CIH 6088 & 7088 COMBINES

CIH 6088 or 7088 AUTHENTIC Combine; has raisable feeder housing, pivoting steerable rear axle, Dual Spreaders Clear cab with interior and opening door! all hand and ladder railings, swivel ladder, bin fill auger, lights and flashers. Row Crop Dual's. To make it even more Authentic, we added our lateral tilt plate to it and removed stock clips & installed header adapters from our raisable feeder housing kit. And to make even greater add our complete feeder housing kit to it and change the front & rear wheels and tires to rubber ones ! We will be making a bin extension for them soon!  We can also install our pivoting-steerable rear axle to it! Check out the pictures below! We can also install our Hillco Leveling kits to them!

Extended 24' Unloading Augers available Now!

LARGE BIN EXTENSION $11.00 unpainted

LARGE BIN EXTENSION $13.00 painted black

Lateral tilt adapter kit $9.95 includes feeder housing plate, rivet and 1 each corn and grain table adapters. Extra adapters also available. We sanded approximately 3/32"off front of original feeder housing and sanded angles for lateral tilt plate to fit correctly and move headers closer as on real ones!

6088 and 7088 combines aren't available any more and are hard to find. If you supply combine, we can install and detail them as you wish!