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Equiped with our raisable feeder housing & lateral tilt, ladder kit with all railings, work and flasher lights, chopper, flared bin extension with extended bin fill auger, 20' unloading auger and 28LX26 wheels and tires. Will have steering kits for them soon. We have 6620,7720, 8820 and all Titan II decals available for them.

Price with the above and 6 Row Corn Head & 16' Grain Table $165.00 

With 8 Row CH and 30' Grain Table  in place of above $175.00

Seperate 8 row corn head $30.00  Or $20.00 if you supply 1 stock 6 row header

Custom 20 or 25' grain table $35.00  Or $30.00 If you supply 1 stock table.