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Custom NH CR with Hillco Kit

This is a Highly Detailed Model of Hillco Hillside Leveling System. We designed these kit with Hillco's premission and using their Drawings. They level same as real ones !

It has Hillco Hillside kit installed with longer feeder housing, front beater with lateral tilt, Heavy duty pivoting-steerable rear axle and our other detailing kits; swivel ladder kit with all lights, railings, mirrors, GPS, flashers, bin fill auger and extension, 20' unloading auger also postioned so it clears trucks and wagons. row crop duals, Large RWA tires, chopper kit and your choice of combine model decals.  Including Hillco Leveling Systems and Moores decals. Also included is 30' Grain table.

Current price is $295.00.  

Custom 6, 8 or 10 Row Corn Head detailed and painted is $25.00

12 row corn head detailed $10.00 

Custom 40' double reel Grain Table $55.00  or $45.00 if you supply 2 20' reels and 2 stock 30' grain table..