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1/64 Chemicial Tank Kits Installed
$25.00 up

We have a large seclection of tank kits for tractors. Individual kits are listed in Tractor Parts sections. We can install any of them onto most makes and models of tractors. Let us know  tank color and brand model of tractor.  We can customize the tractor with many  different opitions! Call or email us for other models.

Front Mounted Round 300 gal. tank installed on any current model FWA tractor. (stock wheels)  $25.00 

600 gal. Saddle Tank Kit installed on any current model FWA tractor. (stock wheels)   $30.00  elliptic $32.00

Options; Tanks painted different colors then stock white or yellow  $6.00

Rear 3 pt. hitch installed fixed position $8.00, Movable $15.00, New individual moveable 3 pt. $25.00