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$1.00 - $4.00

NEW SHOP TOOLS & ACCESSORIES  Cast Zinc  or Pewter  Unpainted

MP 2150P FLOOR JACK   cast pewter can bend handle $2.75 each.

MP 2150Z Cast Zinc  can not bend handle limited qtys. $2.50 each 

MP2151 JACK STANDS  $1.00 each  Buy a floor jack and get pair of stands for $1.00

MP2152 Car Truck Ramps $2.00 pair

MP 2153     Drain Pan with spout            $1.95 each   NEW AVAILABLE NOW!

MP 2154     Air Impact Wrench                 $1.00 each   NEW AVAILABLE NOW!

MP2155 Shop-Service Truck Vise  cast metal  $2.00

MP 2156B  Bench Model Drill Press       $3.00 each  NEW AVAILABLE NOW!

MP 2156F Floor Model Drill Press                   Coming Soon

MP2157 Shop Milling Machine                           available soon!

MP 2159  6 gal. Fuel-Oil-Water Can        $1.00 each  NEW AVAILABLE NOW!

MP2160 Shop Roller Tool Box Unit        $4.00 each   NEW AVAILABLE NOW!

MP 2165 Shop  Wall Cabinet                   $4.00 each   NEW AVAILABLE NOW!


Watch for more shop tools coming soon!